You’ll Always Be My Angel

Today I had to say good-bye to a friend.

My 11-year-old parakeet Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had a fatty tumor on her underside by her bottom for over a year, and it finally started giving her a lot of trouble. It just got to be too much for my baby girl and I had to make a difficult decision to give her a peaceful ending.

The Girl's Got Sole - Angel bird

Angel bird

It’s never easy saying good-bye to a feathered or furry friend. No matter the situation. I knew that I needed to do what was best for her, and not letting her suffer anymore was important to me. I loved her enough to let her go.

Angel and I, along with my lovebird, Indy have been together for over 10 years. Indy came into our lives about six months after I had Angel. The three of us have gone from Florida to North Carolina and back again. My birdies have been my support system, best friends, and even work assistants through the years. The memories created will forever stay with me.

My little white-feathered girl always made me smile with her singing and happy calls when I would return home. She would come running over to sing to me and give me kisses on a regular basis. Angel was one sweet but tough chick, and definitely an amazing bundle of love.

I will very much miss you, Angel my baby girl, but I know we will see one another one day soon up in Heaven.

The Girl's Got Sole - Angel bird

My baby, Angel


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