Writing Prompts: Letting Go & Review

August 15th: Let Go
When (if ever) do you really “let go”?

I’ve been contemplating this topic lately. I have let go of a good deal of my past in the last couple of years. Some of the things and associations I have let go of are for the best. Others, may not truly be gone forever. For example, I literally stopped reading comics in the last year or so less for one here and there. My own self-published comic work has been literally on hold since 2008. So much happened in my life in the final months of that year that my life was just not the same when the new year ball dropped and brought in 2009. I am slowly coming back into the things that I have come to discover I truly do love, but it’s really interesting what twists and turns life brings your future and how you view your past in later days because of it.

August 14th: Review
Write a one-minute review of the most recent book you read.

I, Alex Cross is the most recent fiction book I have read. It’s a novel by James Patterson featuring his fan-favorite detective, Alex Cross. Patterson never ceases to keep me interested in his stories. He knows not only how to craft them beautifully, but also how to keep the readers interest. In this particular book, Cross learns of the horrific murder of his niece. Before long, Alex is drawn into the crazy underbelly of Washington’s underground sex world. The detective won’t give up until he brings justice to the untimely death of the young girl.

Prompts come from The One-Minute Writer

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