Workout Wrap-up: July 2017

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Wrap-up

Where did the month of July go? Today is the last day, and it’s inching closer and closer to the big dance in New York City on November 5th.

I’m happy to report that I have remained consistent with my training all month long. I have run three days a week and done my cross-training twice a week. While I would have liked to workout again 6 days a week, my energy levels are just not good for it right now. Hoping this thyroid stuff can eventually balance back out again so I can add Wednesdays back into the mix.

My track workouts are going pretty well, and while I still don’t love the track, it’s become a better relationship. LOL! In order to improve my performance at the NYC Marathon the speed workouts are important. I’m nowhere near fast, but I want to do my best at the marathon, and especially better than in 2015.

This past weekend, I did my 17 mile training run for the marathon. Overall, I am happy with how it went. We took the pace easy, because boy was it hot and humid outside! The heat is the worst right now, and when you’ve got a Fall marathon on the schedule, you’ve got to push through the swampy conditions.

The Girl's Got Sole - Running on faith

Staring at 4am, it does help us avoid the sun up until the end of the mileage, but it’s still quite thick humidity-wise. I’m thankful that I’ve got some great friends to run with, because we help each other push through it all. Besides the heat, and my feet being ready for my Oofos sandals, the only issue I had on this run was a heat rash. It seems that I got quite a bad one in a few areas because of my compression sleeves. Unfortunately, I think this is something I’m going to have to deal with for the remainder of my training, since I always wear calf sleeves on long runs, usually anything 10 miles or more.

I’m pretty happy with how the month went with my training and workouts. While I am looking forward to that big 20-miler in August, I admit that I’m glad that the first two Saturday runs of the month are shorter distances. Will be a nice break before that long run.

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