Workout Recap – Week 2

** Workout Recap for the week of June 4-10, 2017 **

The Girl's Got Sole - Sat run group


Sunday, June 4th – Bike workout at the gym. After dealing with some stomach issues once I woke up, got to the gym around lunchtime to get in my cross-training. I did end up getting in 11.30mi in just under an hour. Nice in the end to get in a great workout.

The Girl's Got Sole - June 4th bike

Monday, June 5th – Bike workout at the gym before work. Felt good when I woke up and did 10.55mi in 52.10 minutes. Always a good way to start off the work week with a sweat session.

The Girl's Got Sole - June 5th bike

Tuesday, June 6th – What was supposed to be a group run, ended up being a solo run. I drove over to meet my group for our 5am run and it started to rain. I was interested in running (I mean, it’s just rain, we had no thunder or lightning), but the others headed back home. So, I ended up at the gym to hit the treadmill. Since I haven’t run on a treadmill in who knows how long, I discovered this was not as easy as I thought it would be. Wasn’t the easiest thing to do a 30:30 run/walk interval on the ‘mill. I also didn’t know how to set it up, so I just used my GymBoss. I got in 2 miles of run/walk and the remainder just walking. Total mileage of 3mi in 46 minutes.

The Girl's Got Sole - June 6th 'mill run

Wednesday, June 7th – REST DAY!

Thursday, June 8th – Finally, we ran day! Got in a good 5k run with some of my group girls before the skies rained down on us, hard. Poured like crazy minutes within finishing. I was so happy to have gotten the run done. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - June 8th run

Friday, June 9th – REST DAY!

Saturday, June 10th – Long run with my Galloway group. This was the first official Saturday run for the new season. There are 15 runners in my pace group, but there were just 7 of us running. I felt pretty good through most of the run, up until the last mile. That was when my left hip began to bug me and my back felt a bit tight. So, opted to walk that last mile in. Better to take it easier sometimes.

The Girl's Got Sole - June 10th Sat run

How were your workouts last week?

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