Workout Recap: W/E 8/12/17

Last week was a good one for my workouts. I even ran some hills over the weekend in Apopka! With how flat Florida is, we try to find whatever we can locally that may have some hills we can use for training. So, in Central Florida, that’s basically Apopka and Clermont.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sat long run

Some of my group after running hills in Apopka.

Sunday, August 6th – Was over on the parents side of town, but got my gym bike workout done pretty early in the day. Felt pretty good, and definitely got my sweat on.

The Girl's Got Sole - August 6th bike workout

Monday, August 7th – Got in a bike workout at the gym. Wanted to get in closer to 50 minutes, but my back was sore and so I didn’t want to push it. Ended up with 7.65mi so not a bad cross-training workout.

August 7th  bike workout

Tuesday, August 8th – Run day! Boy was this a soupy morning with the humidity! On the positive side, ran a pretty good pace for the 3 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - August 8th run

Wednesday, August 10th – REST DAY!

Thursday, August 10th – Run day! Had mile repeats on the schedule. We did 2.5 miles of run/walk. So, two full mile repeats and then a half mile repeat. Cooled down by walking back the half mile. Splits: 1- 11:45 , 2- 11:19 .5- 5:37mm. Pretty good considering the brutal humidity of the morning.

The Girl's Got Sole - August 10th run

Friday, August 11th – REST DAY!

Saturday, August 12th – Long run Saturday. Some of my group went out to run hills in Apopka for 7 miles. I felt pretty good for the most part, so will be doing another hill run soon.

The Girl's Got Sole - August 12th Sat run

How were your workouts last week?

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