Workout Recap W/E: 5/5

Last week’s workouts went well. With Saturday closing out the week with a great group run and birthday lunch with some of my runner friends, I was one happy runner. Also, my eating has been going well, I know I haven’t really discussed that lately on the blog. I’m down 3lbs now and feeling better. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Sat 5/5 run

Sunday, April 29th – Hit the gym for my cross-training later than usual, but got it done. Sometimes, you gotta relax and lay around the house on a Sunday morning.

The Girl's Got Sole - April 29th bike

Monday, April 30th – Got my workout done before work in the morning despite not really wanting to get out of bed.

The Girl's Got Sole - April 30th bike

Tuesday, May 1st – Run with my group. We had pretty nice weather temps in the mid-60s and it was quite nice.

The Girl's Got Sole - May 1st run

Wednesday, May 2nd – REST DAY.

Thursday, May 3rd – Run with a couple of my running group friends. Was a bit warmer out than it was on Tuesday, but still not too humid thankfully.

The Girl's Got Sole - May 3rd run

Friday, May 4th – REST DAY.

Saturday, May 5th – Saturday morning group run. Did 6 miles in Winter Park for a nice fairly-easy paced run.

The Girl's Got Sole - May 5th run

How were your workouts last week?

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