Workout Recap: W/E 10/14

If I had to choose one word to sum up last week, it would be tired. Ever since my 26 mile training run, I’ve been exhausted, feeling ready for a nap every single day. I think that the reason is two-fold for me. One, I just ran 26 miles, and secondly, my thyroid issues don’t help.

So, while I got my workouts in for the most part, I just wasn’t nearly into it. It was more of a habit getting the workouts done than anything else. That’s fine, but I know rest is also a part of the training plan. Not always easy to back down to take the extra needed rest, but I’m working on doing that now.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sat group post-run

Sunday, October 8th – REST DAY. This was the day after my 26 mile run, so I took a rest day.

Monday, October 9th – Bike workout at the gym for cross-training. Just over 9 miles for 52 minutes.

The Girl's Got Sole - Oct 9th bike workout

Tuesday, October 10th – Run with my group in Baldwin. Actually felt pretty good, this was probably my best workout of the week. Was happy with the pace too. Just humid as heck out.

The Girl's Got Sole - Oct 10th run

Wednesday, October 11th – REST DAY.

Thursday, October 12th – Group run. We opted to hit the road, since some of us weren’t feeling like doing speed work. Also, I woke up with a sinus headache.

The Girl's Got Sole - Oct 12th run

Friday, October 13th – REST DAY.

Saturday, October 14th – 10 mile run with my group. Wasn’t feeling as energized as I would have liked, but run went okay. Last double-digit run until the marathon on 11/5.

The Girl's Got Sole - Oct 14th group run

How were your workouts last week?

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