Working Out During COVID-19

The Girl's Got Sole - Working out during COVID-19

Being a runner and working out during the Covid-19 pandemic is different. It’s now been almost three weeks since I’ve been in the gym, and it’s the longest I’ve been away from it since I got fit joined 8 years ago.

I’m fortunate in that I’m still running three days a week, and I was able to get an exercise bike to use at home. But, I’d be the first to say, I miss the gym and the way things were in early March. There’s just something about getting up, dressed and out the door for a workout.

It looks like we’ve got at least the month of April to get through before things maybe get back to “normal,” or the way it used to be. Thus far, I’ve remained optimistic about the future, and hopefully, I can keep that up. It’s all about faith and positive thinking.

The Girl's Got Sole - Working Out During COVID-19

(credit: Gone for a Run)

I am loving how many virtual races options that have come up to keep motivation going while we can’t run actual races. There are so many out there now that it’s hard to keep up. Makes it easy to find out that fits just about any runner. I especially love the corona virus themed races like the Corona Busters 19k. Another favorite is the Running is Not Canceled races, one is being organized by Fleet Fleet, another by Gone for a Run.

Not to mention the variety of local races put on by running stores. Track Shack’s virtual racing series gets my vote of course, being it’s my local running store. You can run their virtual races anywhere though, you don’t have to be a Central Florida runner to take part. There are 8 medals/races to choose from, from 5ks to 10k distances. There’s a race for everyone.

How are you keeping active and running during the pandemic? Are you signing up for virtual races? Would love to hear about it, post in the comments.

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