Working It On The Weekend

This has been a good weekend workout wise. On Saturday, I woke up just after 4am for my 5am run with my Galloway group. I had 12 miles on my training schedule and while I was ready mentally, my body wasn’t so sure about it. We started off with a good number of folks from my group, the Dream Chasers. Some were only going 6 miles, others 8 miles and four of us, 12. This meant some of the less mileage runners were good with going a faster pace than those of us with longer miles should be running. This meant the last 5-6 miles were a bit rough. I really had to push myself to keep going. I was struggling, especially after mile 10. Thankfully, I finished, even though I walked most of the last half mile or so.

Home is always sweet.

The rest of Saturday I took it pretty easy after my run. I went to Starbucks and Whole Foods, then home for awhile. After showering and getting a few things done at home, I drove to the library, Target and got some take out from Pei Wei. That evening, I watched some TV and relaxed. Always feels good to hang out at home and not do much. My energy levels were also a bit on the low side, so rest was definitely something I was happy to do.

Bike map at the start of the Cady Way Trail head.

This morning, I let myself sleep and didn’t set the alarm. Normally, I go to church, but I ended up not going this morning. I shouldn’t have skipped it, but I did. Around lunchtime, I headed out on my bike to meet my friend Liz for a ride. I rode up to Cady Way from my place which is about 4 miles away. We then rode up to the YMCA and then back again to the start of the Trail by the Fashion Square Mall. It was a nice ride, I love riding with friends. I’ve been feeling a bit out of it on and off the last couple of weeks, so friend time is always a welcome perk.

How was your weekend? Did you run, bike or workout at the gym? What did you do to keep active?

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