WIAW # 2

This week, I’ve reverted a bit on my lunches. When I say reverted, I mean I am taking the quick and easy way out with Tofurkey sandwiches. The only bad thing about the deli slices is that they are processed. Otherwise, I have to admit, I kind of like them. My new favorite is the Roast Beef slices. The vegan deli slices are what I come back to when I don’t feel like making something up for my work lunches.

My breakfasts have been more varied, well varied in that I am starting to eat more of the quick oats with add-ins. I plan on trying the steel cut oatmeal next week (I need to figure out the best way to prep it in advance I think). I have put in bananas, strawberries and blueberries as far as fruit goes. Other things I put in my oatmeal are a bit of Truvia, pinch of salt, cinnamon, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds. Any recommendations on other things to add in, or heck, any suggestions on steel cut oats is very appreciated.

Dinners lately have been a lot of burritos, spaghetti (I’ve been on a spaghetti kick it seems), salads and the occasional Amy’s frozen meal (just once in the last couple of weeks though, as I’ve found that I don’t like them as much now). Happy Herbivore cookbooks are still on the top of my list of go-to cookbooks for quick and easy dinners. I need to try the Veganomicon one this month.

Snacks have been healthy. I’ve been good on my snacks since losing weight, only deviating on Saturdays (my “cheat” day or day I treat myself, I see it either way). I eat a lot of baby carrots with local hummus, watermelon, pretzels, apples and applesauce. The applesauce I eat is always as natural as possible since I do buy the little cups. I get the Target brand natural applesauce and add cinnamon on top and also get the Mott’s Healthy Harvest brand. My carrots are always organic, you really need to stay organic on those and I buy hummus that’s made locally in Clermont. My watermelon is fresh and I cut it myself at home and if and when I have apples, they too are organic. It’s important to me to buy organic whenever possible unless it’s something thick skinned like bananas.

Overall, less for the Tofurkey slices, I am eating even cleaner and healthier than I was earlier this year. I also make sure to drink plenty of water (always carry one of my Nalgene bottles) as hydration is so important. I love adding half of a Nuun tablet to my water sometimes during the day not only for the electrolytes, but for a bit of flavor. As of this week, I’ve started adding Spirulina to my diet on a daily basis. I’ve put it either in some juice or in my post-workout protein drink.

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