When One Door Closes…

I haven’t been sure just how to address this on my blog. For the 2016 race, I will not be an official race ambassador for the 26.2 with Donna. While I did apply to continue representing the event in this capacity, I was not selected.


This news has been disappointing to me, as the DONNA has been a cause near and dear to my heart since running my first marathon there in 2013. After becoming a marathoner at the DONNA, I felt immensely drawn to the cause and wanted to do any and everything I could to represent them. I inquired about being a race ambassador, and in 2014 the ambassador program was founded. I was thrilled and felt blessed to be a part of such an amazing, true meaningful cause like the 26.2 with Donna.

Therein began my relationship with the DONNA family. Not only was I able to spread the pink love all over and raise money for an amazing cause, but I became a part of the awesome DONNA family. I met so many great people through the opportunity which continued into the 2015 race weekend.

This past year’s race experience with my fellow ambassadors and 26.2 with Donna family was beyond inspirational and amazing. It was a blessing to get to be a part of what I consider the best race weekend. The people I have been able to meet have only ignited my passion for the finishing breast cancer cause even more.


As I look back on the last couple of years, it truly has been great. And, it pains me to close a part of this chapter in my life. The ability to still be a part of finishing breast cancer through fundraising for the cause is something any supporter can do, and getting out there and running the race is definitely another big part. Running Jacksonville and helping to color the town pink has been something I’ve looked forward to each February. It’s hard for me to imagine not being there February 2016. It will be a different experience, but one that can still be enjoyed. I’d love to drive up with some of my Orlando Galloway friends and likely will. As an Ambassador Alumnus, I hope readers will continue to support the cause, as will I.

Otherwise, I will be doing a lot of praying that God will guide me toward my next open door. I believe that when one door closes, another is opening. I just need to listen and watch for the signs of where that door and opportunities are. We were all put on this Earth to accomplish certain things, and it seems my journey is moving onward toward my next calling.

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