What’s your therapy?

Everyone needs something they go to for their therapy. Some people pay a professional to listen and just be there for support. Others use an activity, or passion in a similar manner.

For many years, writing was just that for me. It still is. Writing and I have had a complicated relationship. One moment we are cuddling up close on the couch; the next, we’re ignoring each other, hoping the other will find someone else to bother. Through it all though, I’ve found that not only do I HAVE to write to be happy, but writing is my therapy. It allows me to express myself in a creative way.

Another form of therapy for me recently is running. Putting on my running shoes and hitting the pavement has proved to be therapeutic. I can go out and just let my legs work as I let my mind wander. Cycling is also great in that way. I do a lot of thinking over things, working out stuff while I workout.

strongWhat about you, what’s your therapy? Is it a sport, or maybe a craft?/strong

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