What’s in your closet?

More specifically, what is your running/workout wardrobe look like? Do you have more exercise wear than you do everyday wear? Because less for tees, this seems to be the case for me. What can I say, I love running!

A peek into some of my running tops and skirts.

I have never really counted my race shirts before, but this post (idea from the brain of Pavement Runner) made me do a count and see just what I had. I currently have at least 20 race shirts…that’s a lot, right? Sure, some of them are long sleeve, and some are rarely used, but no matter how you rationalize it, that’s a lot of tops! I’ll be going through them soon though as once the new season of my training program begins this summer, we tend to have a gear swap for mostly shirts.

As far as regular running tops, I have about 12 of those it appears. These range from Skirt Sports to Under Armour shirts for the most part. I tend to wear these during races (where as the race shirts are for training runs). Yet, even though I have more than enough tops for running/workouts, I can’t stop shopping for them whenever I’m in a sports store.

Running skirts are my weakness. I will never apologize for having these. I love running in a skirt now as it’s so much fun. My favorite is Skirt Sports. I love the gym girl ultra skirts as they have shorties that don’t ride up and are very comfortable. I also have a capri skirt and two running skirt pants for colder temp running. I am in the double digits for the count on skirts, I’m excited about wearing them this year!

Just a few of my Skirt Sports running skirts.

Other items in my running wardrobe include, two capri tights, two regular pairs of capris (best for gym workouts), two workout pants and a few pairs of regular shorts. Also, I have six pairs of socks for running. Not to mention three pairs of compression calf sleeves and two pairs of compression socks.

What’s in your running/workout closet?


What’s in your closet? — 4 Comments

  1. Race shirts add up and they should not count against you. Those are shirts of honor and they deserve a place in your closet. Although, I have had to get rid of some that I have from multiple years. I still keep my favs tho.

  2. I love that someone finally has the same amount of socks that I do! Although in my post they aren’t pictured, they are all in the wash aha

  3. Ha, that’s funny. I forgot a few things in this post myself…biggest of which is my headbands. I have over 20, yes, you heard me right, Bondibands. I am really into my headbands. 🙂

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