What Makes You Fearless?


As runners and athletes, we are constantly pushing ourselves to achieve our goals. We get up in the wee dark hours of the morning to get our long runs in, push through muscle cramps, and workout in all sorts of weather conditions. All this in the name of our passion for the sport and achieving our goals and dreams.

The 261 Fearless movement exists to empower strong women who have overcome their own doubt and adversities in life to support other women who aspire to follow their example. A 261 Fearless woman has beat their own personal limitations to succeed in the world of running and/or walking. She doesn’t just want to flourish in her running goals, but inspire and motivate others in the process.

be fearless

If you are a runner, whether you run marathons or 5ks, you are fearless. You don’t let hurdles get in the way, you rise above them to get to that finish line. It takes strength, willpower, hard work and a great supporting community behind you to make that happen.

Running in crazy weather conditions is a situation that stands out in my mind as a moment of being fearless. I recall running a 25 mile training run last year in a constant raining downpour before my fourth marathon. Soaked from head to toe, clothes dripping wet, I got the run done. Pushing through an otherwise less than ideal weather condition really showed how strong I really am and can be. Not to mention doing it while leading three other fellow runners in my group, had us feeling pretty darn fearless and unstoppable by the end of the run.

What makes you fearless? What have you pushed through or conquered?


What Makes You Fearless? — 5 Comments

  1. Sometimes, being fearless is believing so much in your friends that you sign up to do things with them (hello, full marathon! well, nice to meet you, ultra marathon!) even when you don’t truly believe you can do them yourself.

  2. I’m fearless because I know that running will help me cope with anything that life throws my way. Taking on the challenges that I do with races and events helps build the mental strength to handle challenges in life.

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