Welcome to the Future!

The future is here!

The future is here!

The future according to Back to the Future II anyway. The trilogy is my favorite of all-time. So, today being Back to the Future Day is day all of us BTTF fans are quite excited about. October 21, 2015, the day that Doc, Marty and Jennifer traveled back to the future in part two of the trilogy.

Hey McFly, hoverboards don't work on water!

Hey McFly, hoverboards don’t work on water!

Back to the Future II was released in November 1989, wherein creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale predicted what the year 2015 might be like. According to BTTF2, we all should have flying cars, hoverboards, jackets that auto-adjust fit as well as dry themselves, power laced shoes, food hydrators, and all the future cool kids wear their pants inside-out. The funny thing is, some of these things HAVE happened, or are darn close to happening.

I know I recall as a kid wanting a hoverboard after seeing Back to the Future II in the theater. Heck with skateboards with wheels, let’s fly above the ground! Alas, they are making some progress with the creation, but we don’t exactly have hoverboards just yet.

What we are supposed to dress like as of today.

What we are supposed to dress like as of today.

What about the clothes and fashion of the film? Definitely 1980s style with a punk flair. Some of it was definitely cool, power-laced shoes, jackets that adjust to your size and dry with a touch of a button, those were my favorites. The whole inside-out pants thing and stuff, well I can do without that actually happening.

The craziest prediction though might be sports-related. The Cubs may actually truly win the World Series this year. Only time is going to tell on this one. It’s looking possible. Here’s a great post on the predictions BTTF2 made of what 2015 would be like and what has actually happened.

Now, car companies, let’s get to work on those flying cars. I’d love to fly to my destination before I die someday. Of course, this wouldn’t improve traffic issues, no matter whether we’re on actual roads or not, I’m sure traffic jams will forever be a part of our lives.

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