Weight Loss Journey Update #3

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight Loss Journey Update

Is it almost April already? The year seems to be going by pretty fast. I had hoped to be at my weight loss goal by now, or closer to it, but hasn’t happened. That’s okay, I’m working on it!

Some of my fellow Skirt Sports sisters started a private Facebook weight loss support group, and it’s been great. I have like-minded folks to talk to as we all go through our own health/weight loss struggles. It’s about keeping each other motivated and knowing that we aren’t perfect. Love that.

I weighed myself yesterday before my 10k race, and I lost a pound! Was a great thing to wake up to. I have been feeling a bit better and as though I was making progress, so that was nice to see on the scale. It’s not all about that scale though, but I know it will never not be a factor for me. As long as I don’t let it run my life, it’s okay to have weight goals. Thus far, I’ve been able to balance that pretty well.

The Girl's Got Sole - I'm not there yet, but I'm closer

While my ultimate goal is to get back to 125lbs, and as it stands, that’s 7lbs away, I am playing it by ear. Or, maybe it’s by feel. How I feel is most important. So, if I get to 128lbs and feel great, and I have a hard time with that last 3, well, maybe that’s where I’ll stay. I just want to be under 130lbs again.

This week, my goal is to continue to log my food in MyFitnessPal, and keep my workouts going. Food is definitely the harder part of the equation. I can workout 5 days a week, it’s staying on track with my calories that’s hard. 🙂

Are you on a weight loss journey like I am? I’d love to hear about it, and we can support one another! Let me know in the comments.

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