Weight Loss Journey Update #2

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight Loss Journey Update

So, here we are at the end of February. I thought I’d be closer to my goal at this point, but that’s not how it’s worked out. After being sick at the beginning of January, it threw me off and I didn’t completely recover from that fall from the proverbial wagon until recently.

On the good side, I haven’t gained any weight. If anything, I’ve fluctuated about 1 to 1 1/2 pounds since the start of the year. By that, I mean I did get down to 131.5 at my lowest, but I have returned to my starting weight of 133lbs. This leaves 8lbs still left to lose if I want to get back to 125lbs again. Truth be told, I don’t know if that will happen, but I am not giving up on that ultimate goal. Need to be realistic though, because I’m not so stuck on a number as much as how I feel in my clothes.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight Loss Journey

Losing just a few pounds is not easy. In fact, I think it’s harder than losing more weight to have 10lbs or less to drop. Our bodies seem to like to hold onto 5-10lbs more than our “ideal” weight. It’s like a comfort zone or something.

My workouts as I’ve previously stated are good, as I workout 5 days a week on average. So, it’s all about nutrition. Calories in, calories out. I’ve found that if I track my food on myfitnesspal it keeps me accountable and on track. I’ve got it set for 1250 calories a day when I don’t workout, so when I do, I get about 1500 calories a day. I do get a bit more on Saturdays after a long run since I’m working out more than my typical 45-60 minutes.

My current short-term goal is to keep on track and see where I am at the Winter Park Road Race on March 23rd. That local 10k was my original goal weight date, but now, I’d like to see myself close to 130 by then. I’m thinking hitting 131 is reasonable by then. I’ll check back in on the blog that weekend to see if I made it to my goal like I had hoped. I’m also going to measure myself this week, because it’s not all about the scale. The scale won’t tell me if I drop inches.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight Loss Journey

If you’re on a weight loss journey like I am, know that I’m cheering you on! It’s not easy, but we can do it! In fact, if you are trying to drop some weight, whether it be 5lbs or 50lbs, let me know. Comment here on the blog, or reach out to me via my social media channels (I’m GirlsGotSole on Twitter and Instagram). Let’s be each others motivators and achieve our goals!

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