Weekly Workouts

At the beginning of April, I injured my back. This caused my weekly workout regime to become sporadic at best. Since then, I have been getting an average of 2-3 days a week of workouts in. As of this week, I’m attempting to up that number to 4-5 days a week again.

This morning, I got myself up an hour earlier than usual and got myself going for a walk. In all honesty, I really do miss running. The morning workout time symbolizes the time I spent running. So, having to knock things down to a walk or cycling does at times feel discouraging. However, I know that as long as I am working out in some way, I am accomplishing what in the end I want to do. Of course, seeing other runners do their thing does give me a feeling deep down that I miss it a great deal. I don’t know if that will ever completely go away.

I did feel as though I got in a decent workout this morning walking for the most part. Since I went out about 8:30am, it was pretty darn humid. Florida is way too hot for my taste anymore. Granted, I’m sure it’s hot elsewhere in the country, but this state just never seems to really cool down enough in my opinion. I’m very much over temps in the 90s that feel like you’re in the desert. I burned about 170 calories by the end of the walk, so I was pleased with that.

Tomorrow will be another morning walk. I am going to get my bike finally going again by the weekend so I can begin biking in the morning as of next week to mix things up. If I can’t run, I shall bike! I have gotten great results on the stationary bike at the gym, so we shall see how I do biking on the road.

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