Weekly Rundown: W/E 8/15/20

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, W/E 8/15

Hey all! Last week was a bit busy for me. Not only did I get in all of my weekly workouts, but I had a full weekend of training. I took the RRCA Coaching Certification class. It was 8 hours a day, both Saturday and Sunday. It was great, but sure wiped me out! So glad I took today off from work so that I can sleep in and get a bit of rest.

Sunday, August 9th – Bike workout. Did my bike workout at home, even though I considered going back to the gym now that the lifted the requirement to wear a mask while working out. Just wasn’t too energetic, overall. Thankfully, I took MetCon START 15 minutes before and it helped a lot.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, bike workout

Monday, August 10th – Bike workout at home. I still felt tired, but made sure to get up early before work and get it done. Would have been more tempted to skip my workout if I had to go to the gym. LOL!

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, bike workout

Tuesday, August 11th – Run day! Woke up with a bit of stomach upset, but thankful it calmed down before my run. Glad I was able to get out and get it done, as I had negative splits! Boy was it humid, but I’m happy to have gotten a good 5k done with some of my girls.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, run

Wednesday, August 12th – REST DAY.

Thursday, August 13th – Track day! Ladders were on the schedule this week. Did 1200m, 800m, 400m, with a 200m walk rest in between each. Then did 800m, 400m, again with a 200m rest in between. Goal was to do the 400m at 5k pace, and the others at 10k pace. Overall, not bad with hitting those numbers. Most were a bit over goal, but oh so close. Something to keep working on.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, track run

Friday, August 14th – REST DAY.

Saturday, August 15th – Long run day. Got my Saturday run in at 5am with a few friends. We kept a great pace considering how hot and humid it was. Definitely a good 10k run for the conditions. The Celebration of Running 5k was scheduled to be this day, and since it became virtual, three of us got to celebrate at the end with fun confetti and our medal!

The Girl's Got Sole - Weekly Rundown, Saturday long run

How were your runs/workouts last week? Did you run a virtual race?

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