The Weekly Pursuit #9

Yes, this week’s Weekly Pursuit blog post is late. I apologize for that, as I want to consistently get it up on Mondays so everyone knows when to expect it. I ended up calling out of work sick yesterday due to waking up to my back hurting. That coupled with being exhausted had me wanting to just stay in bed.

Thankfully, I felt better in the afternoon and was able to get a couple of things done around the house. The blog post was on the list, but didn’t happen. Instead, I was able to get my birds cages clean, vacuumed up around them, and cleaned the bathroom. I also did some other online things related to the blog and a client I have been working with.

Group selfie

This past weekend was a good one. Saturday started as usual with a group run. It was a long run weekend for our Fall Marathoners, so I ran 10 miles with the girls doing Chicago Marathon and Space Coast Marathon. My co-group leader Molly took the first half of the morning with our Chicago girl and the first 6 for Space Coast. So, we split the mileage between us. Since three of the girls are training for their first marathon, we want to make sure they have an experienced marathoner with them especially for the end of the runs. We are able to understand how they are feeling (not wanting to run anymore and making sure they are taking their nutrition) so we can relate. The girls did great, I know the higher mileage runs can be really hard.

The morning was SO SO hot and humid. It truly does feel like it’s more humid than it was last summer when I was training for NYC. I think that’s because we haven’t gotten as much rain like we did then. By the end of the 10 miles, my clothes were sticking to me and I discovered later some not-so-fun chafing on parts of my body. The worst was under my right arm where my shirt apparently rubbed me once I was so sweaty.

Barb & Shannon

My running friend Barb ran her first 20 miler!

Once I finished the run, I went home to get showered, then headed back out to grab my post-run smoothie. I usually get the smoothie on my way home, but I had forgotten my debit card that morning when I left for the run. The smoothie cafe is about a mile away from my house, so at least it’s close by. Once I got back home, I entered relaxation mode and put on Law & Order: SVU. I love that ION runs a marathon of it every Saturday. To say that I am addicted to it would be an understatement. 🙂

Shannon & Kim

Kim and I posing with the Blue Brothers.

That night, I was able to finally meet a fellow Skirt Sports Ambassador friend and blogger, Kim (Barking Mad About Running) who was in town for the weekend. I drove over to Disney Springs and we had dinner out there and talked for awhile. Her daughter was with her, so it was a nice couple of hours spent chatting about this and that. I had a good time and hope next time we can spend longer hanging out and maybe do something together.

Sunday I slept in which is always nice. I was pretty drained from Saturday’s 10 mile run. I guess between the heat and already being tired from my Hashimoto’s stuff, it took a lot of my energy. Even though it took longer than I would have liked, I did get myself out of the house just before noon. I guess that’s a win? Ha.

I did 7.5 miles on the bike followed by a one minute plank at the gym. To say I felt that bike workout would be an understatement. My legs were a bit annoyed with me, but I pushed through. By the end of the workout, they seemed to be better. I then did a couple of errands locally including a trip to Target before I went back home to shower and get cleaned up.

I want to say looking back at my goals for last week, I didn’t do so well on them. I’m struggling a bit on logging my food and I know I have good days and not-so-good days on sticking to the calories I should be. Even going over by 200 calories isn’t helping me lose the 8lbs I want to drop, but it’s a work in progress.

Weekly Pursuit

1. Logging my food. Like I said, didn’t do well on this one. I’m not happy that I’m not making sure I do it, but I’m also not going to beat myself up over it. Just need to make it happen.

2. Putting God first. Getting better. I feel like He is drawing me toward something and I’m beginning to feel as though I can share my faith in this way.

3. Planking. I got in planking 5 out of the 7 days last week, so not too bad.

4. Hydration. Did a lot better on this last week, and I know it helped on Saturday during that hot run!

5. Blogging. I got in one post which was a product review, so came up a bit short on my goal of two more posts last week.

This week’s goals are…

1. Logging my food. Gotta get this done EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2. Hydration. Drinking at least 64oz of water every day, that’s the goal.

3. Rest. Listening to my body on when it needs some extra rest right now.

4. Listening to God. Staying permanently on my goal list. So important!

Grace Words

What are your goals for this week?

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