The Weekly Pursuit #8

It’s that time again, for the weekly pursuit post! I had a pretty good weekend for the most part. Ran just over 10k on Saturday morning with my group to start off the weekend. The weather was a bit cooler (bit, meaning just slightly LOL) when we started at 5am, but we were all definitely sweating by the time we were done. We then did our one minute plank (love how this is a regular post-run thing now) and I enjoyed my post-run ice pop.

Running Agents group

Running Agents post-run last Saturday morning. 6 miles in the books!

One of my running friends and I then decided to check out the local vegan bakery. This was a fun idea, but boy was it caloric and pretty much zeroed out that run. The Market on South here in Orlando was something I had heard about for awhile, so I was excited to finally go. They make crazy indulgent baked goods, especially donuts. We each ordered one donut and then split them. One was a peanut-butter Oreo donut and the other was a Fruity Pepples donut. Totally full of sugar but oh so good. I later felt the sugar high though and my stomach was wondering what the heck I had done to it. Ha!

After spending a bit of time at home, I had a CPR re-certification class to go to in the afternoon. As a group leader with Orlando Galloway, we have to get CPR certified every two years (how long the certification lasts) to ensure we know how to help our runners in case of an emergency. It ended up being quite a fun time as the group of ladies I was with were a riot. We laughed and I think amused our instructor. He probably had no idea how crazy runners could be. We are a pretty nutty bunch.

vegan donuts

Vegan donuts! Oreo PB on left and Fruity Pepples on right.

I went to the 5pm service at my church that evening and was glad to find out who the guest preacher was. It was Steve Brown who runs Key Life Ministries and has these “you think about that” segments all the time on Z88.3, our local Christian radio station. I have heard him preach before and he is quite good.

After church, I drove over to my parents house to spend the night. I haven’t been over to see them and feathered and fur babies in a couple of weeks, so I was looking forward to seeing all of them. Although, I think Rocketbird (the African Grey) was equally happy to see me as much as she was that I had brought something for her to eat. That bird loves her food! Mom and I watched Law & Order: SVU until it was time to head to bed.

Group Leaders pose for a pic after CPR class with the instructor.

Group Leaders pose for a pic after CPR class with the instructor.

The next day, I slept in a bit and then mom and I met a friend to see the movie, “The Secret Life of Pets” at the theater. It was fun movie, I had a lot of laughs from it. Definitely recommend it if you have been considering it and are on the fence. It’s a movie that I think both adults and kids can enjoy.

I didn’t make it to the gym on Sunday as I usually do, and my food was not up to par. Honestly, I know I was off-track calorie-wise and not working out wasn’t good. So, I fell off the wagon basically after Saturday’s run (Sunday wasn’t as bad as Saturday’s donuts and all, but still), so I knew that Monday had to be better. It happens to the best of us sometimes, but I think if you learn from it and get back up into the saddle right away, it’s okay. I made sure to do just that today.

Was going to hit up the gym this morning before work, but when my alarm went off, all I wanted to do was turn it of and go back to sleep. So, I told myself that my workout MUST happen later that day. No excuses, get it done. It was an exhausting day for me energy-wise, but I got myself out to the gym and got in 6.2 miles on the bike. It was a push, but glad I pushed myself to go. Always feel good about getting a workout done.

Weekly Pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Trusting in God. Will always be a work in progress, but I like to think I’m improving on this.

2. Logging my food. Even when I went over my calories, I kept food logging on point. Important to do no matter what so I know where I stand all the time.

3. Planking. I got in a plank after each run and I believe I only missed one, maybe two non-run days last week.

4. Rest. Well, iffy on this one. Still tired a lot, so not going as well as it needs to.

This week’s goals…

1. Logging my food. Keep on keeping on with the logging!

2. Putting God first. Back on the list as it will likely stay.

3. Planking. I didn’t plank today, but that doesn’t mean Tues-Sun can’t be done!

4. Hydration. With a 10mi run scheduled on Saturday, this is important to keep on track.

5. Blogging. Get up at least two more posts this week.

never quit

What are your goals for this week? I’d love to hear them!

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