The Weekly Pursuit #7

It’s been a long day, my thyroid exhaustion has really tested me today. Didn’t help that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep either with the I-4 Ultimate Project construction overnight. Nothing seemed to work today to keep me feeling awake or alert. Coffee and Red Bull (yes, it’s an option I do use I admit, sugar-free though) seemed to do little to help. I yearned for my bed all workday long. When it hit 5pm, I logged off of my work computer and crawled into bed. A nap helped thankfully, but I still feel draggy tonight. Some days are just tougher than others.

thyroid productivity

This past weekend, I ran my longest run in about three or four months. I did just over 10 miles with my group. One of the girls is training for the NYC Marathon and I was right with her for most of her 14 mile training run. She grew up and lived in Brooklyn for years, so NYC means a lot to her, and I’m excited for her. Being a group leader is so rewarding, I love being able to help get my group through their training. This was the longest she had ever run before, as this will be her first marathon.

Saturday group run

During our Saturday long run.

The rest of Saturday was mostly spent relaxing and watching Law & Order: SVU (I love me some Stabler!). My back was a bit sore after the long run, so I took it easy and let it recover. I’m grateful for every run and I know I need to listen to my body when it needs the rest, especially when it comes to my back. And, let’s be honest, laying around watching a favorite television show is always a nice way to spend a few hours. 🙂

My back felt better on Sunday, so I hit the gym for a bike workout. Then got a few errands done in the afternoon. I finally got to the local Sports Authority and boy was it a mess. I didn’t find much, but I did get a cool towel for my hot summer runs for a good deal. They are closing in just over a week, so I didn’t think they would have a lot left since it’s the final days.

Weekly Pursuit

Onto my goals for last week…

1. Listen to my body. I did well with that, especially after Saturday’s long run when I knew my body needed some rest. It helped because I felt a lot better on Sunday.

2. Blog posts. I got up three posts last week, one of them was a product review that was on my to-do list.

3. Trust in God. I’m working on my relationship with Him continually, and it’s always going to be a work-in-progress. I finally applied for something that had been on my heart for a few weeks.

4. Logging my food. Did a lot better with this last week, logged everyday which is a win.

5. Hydration. I did great with my water intake as evidenced by how many times I had to go to the bathroom each day last week. LOL.

This week’s goals…

1. Trusting in God. Keeping this one as a priority.

2. Logging my food. This one also stays on the list.

3. Planking. Been doing them after every run, want to do them daily.

4. Rest. Not sleeping well, which doesn’t help me in the slightest, so need to work on that.

blessed is she

What are your goals for the week?
How was your weekend? Anyone race or run long?


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  1. 10 miles in this heat is a great long run! I did 7 and was pooped! Planking is always on my to-do list and sleep. I notice that 7 hours a night is the magic number for me and I feel so much better when that happens. Happy hump day!

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