The Weekly Pursuit #6

I skipped doing this post last week for a couple of reasons, but it’s back and I’ve been getting myself on track. Once I realized some of my issues (see this post), it cleared up some things for me. Now, that doesn’t mean it will be easy, because I know it definitely won’t be, but if life was easy all of the time, how boring would that be? We have to have some ups and down thrown in there.

Lord is in control

My thyroid and depression have been a bit of a struggle on some days. I suppose it will be something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. That said, I know I can push through with the strength I have through God. The biggest issue I have is lack of energy. Or, lack of it during the day when I need to be awake and working or what have you. I also don’t tend to sleep well on some nights, as evidenced by my Garmin VivoFit which told me how bad my sleep was last week. I also dream a lot, so guess my brain doesn’t comprehend the whole go-to-sleep thing.

Last week, my mom also had a surgical procedure done. It was an outpatient procedure, so she was in and out within a few hours. It went well, and I went to spend time with her the following day. Was nice spending time with her, we even fell asleep on the couch together (or, I fell asleep, I don’t remember LOL). Anyway, my mom and I are close and I was glad to see that she was okay and to be able to spend time with her after her stressful surgery.

group after the long run

My running group after our hot 6-miler on Saturday morning.

I got in five days of workouts last week, and planked after each run. It’s become a part of our post-run routine and now I kinda look forward to it, as crazy as that sounds. It’s so good for your core strength, and I’m beginning to notice it working. It’s easier to get it done with friends keeping you accountable. Track workouts are going well, by that I mean I’m doing them every Thursday. We sort of “lost” our access to the school track we use, as the city doesn’t open the new gate until an hour after we need it the last couple of weeks. This has caused us to utilize a loop nearby which is .48 around, which is close to two laps around the track. While it’s nice that we have something to use while things are getting worked out about getting the track access back, it’s also very different from a track. It makes some of the workouts harder to do, and we’ve had to change things up for the time-being. I’m hoping we get our 5am access back soon.

the weekly pursuit

Since I didn’t post a “Weekly Pursuit” last week, I’m going to jump right into the goals for this week. I’m having to keep pushing myself to stay on track at times, so listing my goals out does help.

1. Listen to my body. Knowing when to take some extra rest time and when to pull back is important. Today, I had planned to hit up the gym, but due to a bad headache, I ended up taking a nap after work. While it disappointed me that I couldn’t get my sweat on, I knew I wasn’t feeling well and the best thing for me was to rest.

2. Blog posts. I’ve got a couple of reviews to get up between this week and next, as well as some posts I need to finalize. I want to get at least 3 blog posts up this week if not 4.

3. Trust in God. Work on talking to/listening to God more when it comes to my life’s journey. He will never lead me down the wrong path, and if I listen to Him, everything works out. There’s been some things on my heart and I need to hear God about what to do/where to go with them.

4. Logging my food. I’ve been doing a lot better on this. I feel I did great last week in this area, and I know with another 2-3 weeks of keeping myself in check will help my eating become better again.

5. Hydration. Done well with this one the last week as well. I have noticed how much better I feel when I’m hydrating properly. Got to keep it up.

God knows your journey

What are your goals for the week?


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