The Weekly Pursuit #5

Pulse memorial sign

Sign at one of the Pulse memorials.

Just where does the time go? One minute it’s Friday night and the weekend stands in front of me, the next minute it’s Sunday night and time to get back to work again the next day. I had a pretty good weekend overall. Saturday morning started things off with my usual run. It was a short mileage weekend, so we ran 6 miles. I was definitely thankful for that because the weather was so so humid. It felt like we were running in the swamp or something. Less for the icky sticky weather, it was a good run.

Saturday run

Saturday’s run including a Kevin sighting (the peacock).

That afternoon, I went to lunch with a friend. We went to the Garden Cafe here in Orlando, which sadly was closing at the end of the day. The family that runs the Chinese restaurant has been running it for years, but their rent was going to be doubled, something they couldn’t afford. This leaves the Orlando area lacking vegan Chinese food, and I mean GOOD vegan Chinese food. It was like no other. They will be missed for sure. I was glad to be able to enjoy a last lunch meal there with a friend. I enjoyed my favorite Pepper Steak (they used mock meat which was amazingly close in taste) and a spring roll.

Pulse memorial

After lunch, we decided to visit a couple of the memorials for the Pulse victims. First we went to ORMC hospital where 49 crosses were brought to represent each life lost. It was an emotional experience seeing all the love that each person was receiving on their designated cross. Chaplains from a church in Ft. Myers were on-site to talk to anyone who might need someone, as well as offering ice cold water and Gatorade to those coming out in the 95+ degree heat. We then drove down the street to the Pulse nightclub itself which has become a memorial once the police re-opened the street. It is still fenced in directly around the club, but a large memorial has grown all week in front of the location.

Pulse memorial crosses

The Pulse club memorial itself felt more emotional for me. I think because I was on the actual site of the shooting. I found myself just looking at the club behind the fence and then again at the photos displayed of the victims lost that tragic night. All I could do was pray for the families and those close to them and hope that they feel the love and comfort surrounding them from the city of Orlando as well as all over the country. The love from everyone and prayer will get them through this difficult time.

Pulse memorial

On Sunday, I tried to sleep in. I say “tried,” because I didn’t exactly accomplish that. I woke up once at about 5am, then again sometime around 7:30am, and then finally gave up when I awoke at just after 9am. So much for a lazy Sunday morning of sleeping in. However, despite being upright, I wasn’t really feeling motivated enough to do much just yet. It took me a couple of hours to finally get my butt moving and out the door to the gym. Once I got there though, I got in 7 miles on the bike. I then had a smoothie for breakfast and got in my shopping at Whole Foods.

Once I was back home, I showered then put on the movie I had rented from Redbox the day before. It was 90 Days in Heaven, I had read the book, so figured I would check out the movie. Sadly, I was not impressed at all with it. It was barely like the book at all. The experience the author had in heaven was at the forefront of the book, but that’s not how the movie portrayed it. While it might have been a good movie on it’s own merit, it definitely wasn’t the book. If you have read the book, just know it’s nothing like it.

Bike workout

Sunday’s workout at the gym.

As far as this week goes, I am ready for it to be Friday already and it’s only Monday. Ha! That’s what happens when it’s a 3-day holiday weekend. I have a long run of 10-miles on Saturday, then I’ll be heading over to my parents for the weekend with my bird babies in tow. Still deciding on what to do on the 4th of July, but there will definitely be fireworks!

Weekly Pursuit

Looking at last week’s goals…

1. Orlando Galloway website. Finally got this done, yay! Took me til the weekend, but the updates are completed.

2. Hydration. I did a lot better on this last week. Felt better on my hot runs, so I know my efforts are working. Keeping it up!

3. Listening to my body. I did good on this goal as well. I didn’t overdo it and I felt better for it.

4. Logging my food. Didn’t do as good on this goal though. Logging was not happening like it should have been.

This week’s goals…

1. Hydration. With a 10 mile run on Saturday, this is important. Getting in at least 64oz of water a day is the number I want to hit.

2. Logging my food. This is the area I’m struggling in, my food. Need to log everything again, as it keeps me more accountable and successful.

3. Planking. Time to get back into planks! We were just talking about doing a plank after each run with our Galloway group, so while I want to do it daily, definitely want to shoot for doing it after runs for at least one minute.

4. Clean up my car. It needs to be cleaned up inside before I go on Saturday, so I need to get that done by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

What are your goal(s) for the week?
Any plans for July 4th?


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  1. Those are some great runs – congrats! I know that’s no easy in the Southern heat. I know the community appreciates all of the outpouring for what happened at Pulse. I was there last year and it’s still so unbelievable this could happen.

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