The Weekly Pursuit #4

I have been in such a weird funky mood today. It may have started with not getting a good night’s sleep before starting the Monday work grind. Never is good when you keep waking up tossing and turning and mind reeling. I just felt generally moody today, not to mention tired from the aforementioned lack o good sleep. Not even a sugar-free red bull seemed to help me today. Moodiness abound, I was thankful to have made it through the work day until 5pm. Then, I promptly climbed into bed and took a nap. Alas, no workout for me today, rest won.

Running group

Running Agents during our Saturday run.

This past weekend was pretty good. Saturday started off with an 8 mile run with my running group. Humidity is the new theme of all of our runs, so less for the whole heat thing, it went pretty well. It was the first run that I started to think that I was actually content with the fact that I’m not training for a marathon right now. For some reason, I seem to blank out how darn hot it is during marathon training this time of year. Thank goodness for our training program director who puts out ice towels for after our runs. They are heaven along with the ice pops. It’s the little things that are big things. 🙂

Sunday was both Father’s Day and my mom’s birthday. So, I got up a bit earlier than usual (I tend to try to sleep in on Sundays), and headed to the gym for my workout. I then got showered and headed over to their house for the day. It was nice to spend time with my parents, though it was mostly with mom since we headed out to do a few errands nearby. I also got to spend time with the birds and guinea pigs which I always love. It was a nice day, I only wished it was a three-day weekend.

Weekly Pursuit

Looking at last week’s goals, I’ll be honest right off here, I didn’t do too well overall on them. Just didn’t seem to be a “normal” week. I’m sure the whole shooting here in Orlando didn’t help matters. The families have been on my mind a lot.

1. Hydration! I did better on this than I had been doing. So, I’m happy about that for sure. I still need to stay on it, as there’s always improvement that can be made.

2. Time with God. I listened to two sermons yesterday and loved them. My church Pastor has been talking about our gifts from God and I really enjoyed what he had to say. I want to do more study on what my purpose is, my gifts from God. Still going to work on improving my time with Him.

3. Orlando Galloway website. I didn’t get the updates done on the website that I needed to do. So, this one just didn’t happen last week.

4. Workouts. I did well on my workouts last week. I ran on Tuesday, did track work on Thursday, ran Saturday and got to the gym on Monday and Wednesday.

As far as this week’s goals…

1. Orlando Galloway website. I really need to get the updates done this week, so this is on the top of my to-do list/goals for the week.

2. Hydration. Again on the goal list for the week. Stepping it up!

3. Listening to my body. I am not the best at taking rest days all the time when I need them. For some reason, when I need an extra rest day, I tend to not be good at not working out.

4. Logging my food. I’ve been off on my food the last few days, so logging needs to be back on the list of must-do things. MyFitnessPal needs to be my pal again. 🙂

positive minds quote

What are your goals for the week?

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