The Weekly Pursuit #1

Memorial Day Blessings

First off, Happy Memorial Day! It’s about the sacrifice some of our country’s men and women have made for our freedom. It’s about so much more than BBQs and sales. This post is going to be the start of a weekly blog I’m going to do with workout recaps, what’s coming up during the week and such. It is loosely based upon what Mindy does over at Road Runner Girl with her Weekly Chase posts, so I do want to mention how that is the basis of this idea. Mine will be a bit different, but I always love her posts and I’ve even done some here.

Last week, I worked out for a total of 26.46 miles. 12.36 miles of that was running and the remaining were bike miles. Rest days were Monday and Friday. While I’m not putting in a lot of miles running right now, that will increase in the coming months. I don’t have any races really on the schedule until the Fall with some half marathons. I don’t take days off from running really, so lowering my mileage is usually the way it goes when nothing is really on the calendar.

Saturday run

Saturday run for Team 414 Graceunner Journey.

On that note, the new Fall season of Orlando Galloway training kicks off this coming Saturday morning. I’m looking forward to it, as I love my group. With a pace group leader meeting after kickoff in the morning, the few of us that want to get in some running miles before the kickoff will likely only get in 4 miles beforehand, so it will definitely be a lower mileage running week. But, things will ramp back up the following weekend and I’ll likely do 8 miles with the group.

This past weekend while three days long thanks to Memorial Day, still feels a little short. Ha. As I write this, it’s Monday evening and I’m wishing I had one more day off. I’m thankful for the day off and to those who lost their lives in defense of this country. Their sacrifice will forever be remembered.

Saturday run girls

After our Saturday run; with Melissa & Linda two of my regular running friends.

On Saturday, I had my run with the girls. It’s the last weekend before the new training season, so we got to do whatever we wanted. Once the season begins, it’s all planned out ahead of time depending upon what races people have coming up. We ran in Winter Park which wasn’t the original plan. It was a last minute change from the planned run we had in Apopka, but I was just glad to get out on the road with friends. After last Saturday’s icky run, I was happy to have a good run again. This one was for Team 413 Gracerunner Journey’s virtual race. I would have loved to have put more miles in for the team, but it was good to get in just over 6 miles.

After the run, I headed over to my parents house for the weekend. Since I was going to be over for two nights, my two birds came with me. I spent time with my parents as well as Rocketbird and Blue (their two birds) as well as the guinea pigs and my two feathered babies. It was mostly about family time. My dad and I did go see Captain America: Civil War on Sunday afternoon. It was the second time I went to see it, and my dad’s first. While he’s not completely versed on Marvel movie stuff, he enjoyed the movie. It was nice spending time with just my dad, as it’s usually mom and I doing stuff together.


Rocketbird hanging out watching TV with the family.

I went to the gym both Sunday and today (Monday), and mom went with me on Sunday. She is trying to get back into working out again, and is going to be getting a treadmill for the house soon. Mom isn’t a runner, but she does like to walk. Hopefully, both her and dad can get the treadmill and get into better health this summer. I know they don’t like to go out in the humidity (especially mom), so inside workouts would be the only ones she would do right now in this weather.

All in all, while maybe not the most exciting weekend, I enjoyed the family time and just generally taking it easy. Now, that it’s almost back to the grind, I plan on starting to write down my goals so that I can have them right in front of me each week. Putting them on the blog also helps me stay more accountable I think. That’s not to say that I won’t have struggles along the way, but I like having goals that I am working toward in all aspects of my life.


1. Water intake. I have to admit, I have not been the best at drinking enough water each day. I need to track it just like I do my food logs on MyFitnessPal. So, I started doing just that today. Goal is to drink half my body weight in ounces per day. That means I need to drink about 65oz of water a day. Here’s to those more frequent trips to the bathroom! LOL.

2. Time with God. Need to work on making time with Him daily. He should be number one and I need to remember that every morning I wake up. Each day is a blessing and I want to remind myself of just that on a regular basis. Daily devotions and Bible reading only make my walk with Him stronger.

3. Sleep. A big one for me. I most definitely don’t get enough sleep and that is something I can do something about. I need to start forcing myself to go to bed at a decent hour and especially to stop looking at my phone while I’m laying in bed. My goal for this week is to be in bed no later than 10pm (which is actually a bit late for nights when I run early the next day, but baby steps…), and no more phone in bed. I have come to need the TV on to fall asleep, so going to work on no phone first, then try to wean off of the TV watching.

4. Listen to my body. While I always want to get in my 5-6 days of workouts in, I’m also working on listening to my body more. My plan is to run Tuesday, Wednesday (due to Global Running Day), and Saturday. Not sure about Thursday morning, I may switch that up for a gym workout. Going to play that by ear. Friday will definitely be a rest day, as it usually is.

That’s where things stand right now. I share my workouts on instagram, so if you already don’t follow, I’d love it if you would. My facebook page for this blog is also another place I share the workouts as well as inspirational/motivation quotes and such. Let’s connect! 🙂

How was your holiday weekend? Do anything exciting?
What are your goals for the week?
Do you plan on running for Global Running Day?

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