The Weekly Chase #9

Last week was a mix of good and bad, but it at least ended with something awesome! I ran my #10 half marathon on Saturday and in doing so, got myself a shiny new P.R.! I ran the Tomoka Half Marathon in Ormond Beach and will be writing a race report in the next couple of days.

After the race with my new bling :)

After the race with my new bling from half #10 🙂

In the days leading up to race, I did get in some good workouts. I went to the gym on Sunday, rested on Monday, ran twice on Tuesday (due to nervous energy about the NYC Marathon lottery), hit the gym again for more biking and the stair-stepper on Wednesday after work. I ended up not running on Thursday, and took Friday as a rest day. I would have preferred to have ran or worked out on Thursday, but an extra day of rest before my half marathon wasn’t the worst idea.

I had some personal/business issues that came up during the week, but thanks to prayer and friends, I’ve been able to get through the rough patches. I know that there’s nothing I can’t get over or through with Jesus. He is my strength through it all.


That brings me to the goals from last week…
1. Spend more time with God. Still not as much time as He deserves and I know that He has been calling me to come to Him more than I have.
2. Work on me. I did better on concentrating on me last week than I have been, so I’m gradually getting back into the positive zone that I need to be in.

This week’s goals…
1. Recover from the race. My left calf has been incredibly sore after cramping up badly during the ride home from the half marathon on Saturday. I’m hoping that it will calm down and let me resume my workouts asap.
2. More reading. I’m getting back into reading more books again, so I hope to get through more books in 2014. Not really setting a number, but I’d like to read a couple or more a month. This week, I want to start reading a new one.
3. Spend more time with God. Yup, this one is back on there. 🙂
4. Tri training. A few of us in my running group have discussed doing our first super sprint tri later this year. So, I need to get a bathing suit and get back on my bike!

How about you, what are your goals for this week?


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