The Weekly Chase #8

Well, hey there! Can you tell that I’ve been either really busy or lazy about blogging in the last week? Seeing as how my last post was last week’s Weekly Chase, it’s definitely not ideal in my eyes. I’m going to be pretty honest about how I’ve been feeling…I believe that life is full of its ups and downs, so not everything I will post will always be smiles and happy times.

I’ve been in kind of a funk the last week or so. It’s as if I WANT to get moving more, workout more, but I just can’t get myself motivated enough to get off my tush. I’ve been feeling more tired and have even backpedaled into drinking some energy drinks and even diet coke a few times. That’s not the person I want to be. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a soda every now and again, but I prefer to leave the stuff in the dust most of the time. It’s really just a boatload of sugar and there’s nothing good about it, well less for the occasional “want” of the stuff since it seems to be so easily available.

I have gone gluten-free along with my vegan eating and that has proved to be a bit of a challenge as well. Nothing I haven’t been able to deal with, but it’s another thing into the mix. I find that when I get “lazy,” I will maintain my caloric intake, but I reach for the “easy” foods like packaged stuff. Going gluten-free has helped in a way with that, as there are less options out there like Tofurkey for example. That doesn’t mean there aren’t pre-packaged food options, because there definitely are.

Besides the struggle to improve my eating even more and getting my workouts in at least five days a week, I’ve also just been feeling overall pretty unmotivated. Thankfully, I’ve got an appointment for blood work this week, so maybe there’s something there, or maybe it’s just something I have to overcome again with my under-active thyroid and hashimoto’s. Either way, I’m really trying to get out of my funk of a mindset and get myself back where I want to be.

That’s a bit of where I’ve been mentally and emotionally lately, so I’m only hoping for improvement here on out. I’m looking toward the positive, praying that God will help me through this rough patch. That’s exactly what it is, a rough patch. Even the best of us have those times. I love inspiring others to lose weight and add fitness into their lives, but I too need inspiration some days. I’ve been looking back at old photos of myself, reading friends’ blogs, and just talking to friends in search of a taste of inspiration or motivation to give me a push in the right direction. I know that I never want to return to that old me, the over 200lb person I was, so that feeling, knowing how I was back then keeps me from going too far when I feel like overindulging or just sitting around not going to the gym. So, with that out in the open, I appreciate you all, the readers and friends of myself and this blog.


As far as last week’s goal, well as you pretty much already gathered, not much worked out on those…
1. Spend more time with God. Still not reading The Bible as much as I need to be. He deserves my attention not just in prayer and in church.
2. More blogging. Obviously, this one was a fail. LOL.
3. Comment on blogs more often. Again, not commenting enough…

With that all said, I think I’m going to focus on two things this week. While I have a list of goals I want and need to work on, I think focusing on a couple of things is best for now.
1. Spend more time with God. This HAS to be #1 in my life. He is my #1 and I need to be respectful of Him and all that He has given to me.
2. Work on me. Remember how beautiful and amazing I am when I’m thinking otherwise. I need to keep my head up and continue toward the positive and the things that I know will only motivate and inspire my life.

How about you? How have you been? Do you have any goals for this week?

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