The Weekly Chase #7

This past weekend was a good one. I had the Winter Park Road Race 10k on Saturday morning (race report coming this week!), The Veronica Mars movie in the afternoon, then church. I went to stay at my parents house that night and spent some time with my mom on Sunday before going back home later in the day. It was a weekend that went by a little too fast! 🙂

I may have been just a little excited.

I may have been just a little excited.

I had to go into the office today (so spoiled working from home the last year), so it’s been a long day. I have been having some pain above my left knee since Saturday’s race, so I opted to take another rest day and skip the gym. I’m planning on running tomorrow morning though with my group. Hopefully, it will calm back down asap. I am going to use the stick on it tonight in hopes that will help.

As long as that issue doesn’t continue to be a lingering one, the plan for the week is to run on Tuesday morning, hit the gym on Wednesday, run on Thursday and possibly do a DVD workout on Friday. Saturday is an 8 mile training run, as I’ve got another half marathon the weekend after.


How did I do with last week’s goals? Well, let’s see…
1. Get back into my workout schedule. I did better, but not as good as I should have. I ran on Sunday, gym on Monday, ran on Tuesday, and ran again on Thursday. I should have hit the gym on Wednesday, but I didn’t.
2. More blogging. Did pretty well on this one. I got up 3 posts after last week’s Weekly Chase. Would like to get up 4-5 posts a week when I can. May not happen every week though with work and all.
3. Spend more time with God. Something that I still need to continue to work on. I didn’t read my devotional like I should have last week.
4. Continue eating gluten-free. I did well on this one last week. Out of the four goals, this one is the one I did the best at. I think it’s helping my stomach woes.

Onto this week’s goals!
1. Spend more time with God. This needs to be number on this week. I feel that He is speaking to me and I need to really open myself up and listen to Him.
2. More blogging. I would like to get more posts up this week than I did last week.
3. Comment on blogs more often. Going to bring this one back too. I read a lot of blogs, but I tend to read and “run,” aka not comment. Need to say something, as I know I appreciate it when people comment on my posts.

How about you, what are your goals for this week? I’d love to hear about them!


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