The Weekly Chase #6

During our Sunday run on the bridge.

During our Sunday run on the bridge.

Wow, last week turned out to be nothing like I had anticipated. I got the nasty stomach flu and things are still working on getting back to “normal” for me. My week consisted of running the Excalibur 10-miler on Sunday, resting on Monday from working out (due to running two races over the weekend), running with my group on Tuesday morning, and then the dreaded stomach bug. That kept me out of workouts through the end of the week. Thankfully, I’m about 95% back to feeling like myself.

Yesterday, I started out the new week with a run. Some of my group met for a run in the morning since we had the Victory Breakfast the day before. I then came home, took a nap and went out to do a bit of food shopping. Cleaning house took up the remainder of the day before relaxing with a little TV time before bed.


Here’s how my goals turned out for last week….
1. Get back into my workout schedule. Yeah, that obviously didn’t happen. At least I got in some running, that I am grateful for.
2. Gluten-free eating. This went pretty well up until I got sick and had to add in saltines and a couple other things. But, other than a few exceptions, I’m still doing good with GF eating.
3. Race report. I accomplished this one by getting up my Best Damn Race 10k report. Check it out if you have yet to. I enjoyed that race.
4. Spend time with non-running friends. Since I wanted to rest some more after the breakfast on Saturday, I opted to reschedule my friend date. Will definitely be getting in some time with my non-running girls soon!

That brings me to this week’s goals…
1. Get back into my workout schedule. Ok, I want to be smart after being sick, but I do want to gradually get this back to where it is when I workout 5 days a week. So, hoping for at least one gym day this week, if not two.
2. More blogging. Always a goal for me, but I still feel as though I’m behind on posting some things that I would have already liked to be up.
3. Spend more time with God. I’m not giving Him enough of my time and that’s something that should be at the top of my list of goals or things to do.
4. Continue eating gluten-free. Keep up my GF eating to see if it really helps me feel better. It takes time, so I want to be fair and give it the time it deserves.

So, we shall see how the week goes! I’m excited that I’ve got a 10k race on Saturday (yes, I signed up for another race, ha), then the Veronica Mars movie. I’m keeping my head up and a positive feeling that this week will be good and better than the last!

How about you, what are your goals for the week? I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. Thanks Mindy, being sick is the pits, especially the stomach flu! Thankfully, I am getting back into the game. 🙂

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