The Weekly Chase #23

What a nice three-day holiday weekend. It went by a little too quickly in my opinion, but otherwise it was good. On Friday, I started off the 4th of July with a 5k fun run. Track Shack puts on the annual Watermelon 5k in Winter Park and it’s a good time. There’s ice cold watermelon, smoothie samples and snow cones. Less for the thick humidity and bricks that are a part of Winter Park, I enjoyed the race. Since it’s a fun run, it’s not chip timed, but I got my 3rd best 5k time (38:39). I had the opportunity to run a bit with two friends and that also made it a great time.

Some of the Orlando Galloway group at the Watermelon 5k.

Some of the Orlando Galloway group at the Watermelon 5k.

I didn’t do much of anything the rest of Friday. I went out briefly to get a couple of errands done, but I opted to lay around and watch TV. Not very productive, but I have to admit, it was kind of nice to not have to work or be anywhere. Then on Saturday morning, I got up early for a group run at 6am. We did just under 4 miles and while we had a pretty decent pace for a Saturday run, I could feel that my legs were tired. After the run, we got together at Panera and had breakfast. Talk about this upcoming race or that filled the conversations as well as what, if anything folks had planned for the rest of the weekend. Later, I drove over to my parents house and spent some time with my mom.

This week, I am supposed to be starting a 12-week program created by fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Joylnn Toma called 12 weeks to a fit physique. I’m hoping I can keep up with it, but with my thyroid issues, I don’t know how it’s going to go. Of course, I’m staying optimistic and going to do the best that I can. I’ll post more about it soon.


Onto last week’s goals…
1. Bible time! Did some reading, but still not enough. Going to have to schedule in my reading time like I do for my workouts. Spiritual working out is important!
2. Rest. I did pretty good with this last week I think. I rested on Sunday, got in a gym bike workout on Monday, run on Tuesday, did a bike workout on Wednesday, and then rested on Thursday since I was running on Friday and Saturday.
3. Clean by bedroom. Mission accomplished! Got this one done earlier in the week which was nice before the long weekend got going.

This week’s goals…
1. Bible time. Going to continue to work on making this a more regular, hopefully daily part of my life.
2. Workout DVDs. I’ve been meaning to get back into doing some of my dvd workouts again, so I’d like to do one at least once this week.
3. Sleep/Rest time. Need to try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, as it’s just as important as eating right and working out.
4. 12-week fit program. The biggest part of the fit physique program that I haven’t been doing is strength work. Hopefully I can get more upper and lower body work started.

How was your holiday weekend? What are your goals for this week?

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