The Weekly Chase #18

It’s a new month! Well, it was as of yesterday anyway. May seemed to last a long time, at least for me it felt that way. I’m sure the long miles I worked out were a part of that. I’m happy for the new month, especially since later this month the new training season begins! Going to get started soon on training for those Fall and Winter marathons and half marathons.

Connie and I after finishing our Sunday run.

Connie and I after finishing our Sunday run.

This past weekend was a good one, mixed with workouts and sleeping. I’m definitely feeling more exhausted since I ran out of my T3 med for my thyroid. It’s pretty extreme, so I am in search of a new endocrinologist to get back on the stuff ASAP. Hopefully by the middle of the month I can be getting back on that and not be so tired so much of the time. On Saturday, I ran with my group, then I took a nap when I got home. Later that day, I went to the gym to get the end of some bike miles in. On Sunday, I also ran to finish a virtual half marathon distance which didn’t get done on Saturday morning as planned.

I’m hoping to rest more this week, but I’m already feeling antsy about doing SOMETHING today. Maybe I’ll just do a short bike workout or something. I will be running on Tuesday per usual and since Wednesday is National Running Day, I’ll be doing a short run with Track Shack that evening after work. Not sure if I’ll run on Thursday morning or not, going to see how I feel. Friday will definitely be a rest day. Saturday is a usual long run day. I’ll likely do 6-8 miles.


Getting down to the goals, as far as last week went…
1. Finish Full Metal MAYhem Virtual. See my last blog post for full info on this one. But, I got everything done less for the full 2.4 swimming miles.
2. Find a doctor. Still searching on this one. The couple that I called were not taking new patients. I may end up back with my old doctor just to get my T3 back in my system. Still doesn’t change the fact that I need a doctor in Orlando.

Onto this week’s goals…
1. Rest. Last month took a lot out of me, so I need to not push myself so much this week when it comes to working out. I may have a hard time with not working out 6 days, but I need to be smart about resting.
2. Blog more this week. I didn’t blog much last week, now that the Iron May challenge is over, I want to get back to blogging more than twice a week.
3. Foam rolling. I haven’t been keeping up with my foam rolling and I know it is something I need to get back into especially with marathon training season about to kick off this month.

What are your goals for this week? Are you starting to train soon for a race?


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  1. Good luck with your goals this week! Rest is important, so I hope you’re able to get some 🙂 I have yet to foam roll, but feel like it’s something I need to get in to. I recently purchased an M80 roller, but need to watch the videos more to figure out how to use it! haha.

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