The Weekly Chase #17


Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day holiday weekend. I hope you had the chance to spend time with your loved ones being thankful for the freedom that our servicemen and women have fought for us to have. I know I have been thinking about that this weekend. While BBQs and celebrations are great, we need to ensure that we don’t forget what Memorial Day really stands for.

Last week was full of lots of workouts for me. I worked out everyday except for Friday. I biked on Sunday and Monday, ran on Tuesday, did another bike workout on Wednesday morning, followed by swimming that evening after work. On Thursday, I ran again and due to neck/right shoulder pain, I took off Thursday night, which I was hoping to get another swim in. On Saturday, I ran with some of my Galloway group for just under 7 miles. Great week fitness-wise for sure. I also did well on my food, coming in at or under my daily caloric intake everyday.

On the West Orange Trail

On the West Orange Trail

Yesterday, I rode my bike on the West Orange Trail with my training friend, Terrie. We then followed that 10 1/2 mile ride with a swim. I was pretty tired by the end of both workouts. Headed over to my parents house in the afternoon and spent the night over there. It was definitely nice to have today off, that’s for sure.

I’ve been participating in a virtual IronMan this month, so this week is the end of it. I’ve already run 36.71 miles, biked 86 miles and swam about a mile. The bike portion has 26 miles remaining and the swim, 1.4 miles to go. I’m not so concerned about the bike miles, but I am about the swim, as I’m really not very good in the water. Ha. Hopefully, I can get it all done by week’s end.


Onto last week’s goals…
1. More pool time. I got in twice since the last Weekly Chase, which while good, I need more time. I am just finding swimming more difficult for me. Also, it didn’t help that I pulled a muscle last week. Fortunately, that has calmed down.
2. Bike 30 miles. That was quite the goal mileage-wise for me last week. I ended up doing 34 1/2 including yesterday’s bike workout (since dailymile has the week from Monday to Sunday, I’m going to use that). So, I’m definitely happy with that.
3. Reading! Better, but not doing it everyday. Still need to work on making time for reading more regularly.

And, this week’s goals…
1. Finish Full Metal MAYhem Virtual. This is the virtual ironman I’m doing. I want to take a bit more of a break from cross-training for a week, but this isn’t the week for it. Gotta get this done and then do that next week.
2. Find a doctor. I have been off of my T3 med for my thyroid due to no longer seeing the specialty doctor who had prescribed it. I am feeling the difference (as in being more tired again), so I need to find a new doctor close to me this week and make an appointment.

What are your goals for this week? They can be fitness-wise or just life in general. I’d love to hear about them!

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