The Weekly Chase #15

Writing this Weekly Chase post at the end of the day because well, I’ve just had a funky day. I feel like I’m spaced out or something today. Just feel as though I woke up and everything became off feeling since I rolled out of bed. Hoping tomorrow is better.

This past weekend was pretty good. I ran on Saturday morning with some of the girls, then answered some questions later in the afternoon about the new session of Orlando Galloway over at Track Shack. On Sunday morning, Terrie and I did our usual bike ride in preparation for our tri. After the ride, we went over to Whole Foods and had wheatgrass shots (ick!). Then, I spent the afternoon and early evening with family. I drove over to my Nana’s house and my parents also went over.


As far as last week’s goals went…
1. Get back to running. I got back on the road and ran my usual 3 days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Was also nice to get my magic mile done on Thursday morning.
2. Reading. Did get some reading in, but still not as much as I’d like to be doing. I’m slowly but surely making my way through Ben Greenfield’s book via my kindle.
3. Buy my mom a gift. Kind of waited until the last minute, as I found something for her on Saturday, but I think I got her something she was happy with.

This week…
1. More rest. Since I’ve started off the week feeling more tired than usual, I’m thinking of making more sleep a priority this week. I want to ensure I stay as healthy as possible, and sleep is vital.
2. Stop worrying about my weight. Yes, this is going to be a difficult one for sure. While yes, I’ve gained 5lbs or so, I need to stop worrying about that darned scale so much. It’s making me unhappy at times.
3. Get in the pool! Yes, I STILL need to get into the water.

What are your goals for the week? Whether it be fitness-wise or just life?

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