The Weekly Chase #11

Can you believe it’s already the middle of April? Talk about time flying! Before we know it, summer will be here. I like summer, just not the humidity that comes along with it. Summer means that a new season of training for races begins, so that’s always a good thing.

I had a great week last week in regards to my workouts. I got in a workout six days out of the week! That makes me feel so good. I did the bike ride on Sunday, went to the gym on Monday, ran with my group on Tuesday, did another gym workout on Wednesday, took Thursday off and then got back into the gym on Friday morning. Saturday was a run with my group which was a bit of a celebratory day. Each year, both training groups from Track Shack get together for what is called the Left Behind, Left Over. It was originally created because there weren’t as many races this time of year. A timing clock was put out and everyone could run a half marathon or less, whatever they felt like running. Then at the end, there’s all kinds of breakfast goodies and left over shirts, awards and such from the previous season’s races but on by Track Shack.

Saturday run with some of the girls

Saturday run with some of the girls

My group ran 6 miles, as this year there wasn’t a timing clock and then enjoyed breakfast. I had some awesome fresh fruit, which is always a favorite for me. We ran around Winter Park and then finished up our miles with the Cady Way bridge (adds in a bit of a challenge). I had a great time during the run and after talking to my fellow runners. Always great seeing some people I don’t see as often during the regular running season.

On Saturday afternoon, I met my mom and friend in Kissimmee to see the movie, Noah. My friend had some free passes that were about to expire, and she and my parents live in that area. As far as the movie goes, it’s definitely not a Biblical movie in my opinion, more like a mythology story that they just took part of from the actual Bible. I found it very odd, and was glad I didn’t pay for it. Quite a difference from the great film that God’s Not Dead is! After the movie, mom and I picked up some food and brought it back to my parents house where I spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening.

Sunday, I met up with my biking triathlon training buddy Terrie and we biked 10 1/2 miles on Cady Way and in Baldwin Park. It was a great morning for a ride! I’m definitely enjoying getting back on my bike again! Right now, I’m riding on the road once a week, but I want to make it twice a week soon. The gym is great for biking, but it’s just not the same as the road. All in all, it was a nice weekend!


Now, onto the goals. As far as last week’s goals go…
1. Get in 5 days of workouts. I got in 6 days, so a definite win and success on this one! 🙂
2. Read daily. I’ve started reading “not a fan” and am really enjoying it. Also, I’m listening to audio books while I work again.
3. Blog more this week. I think I did pretty well on this one. Not everyday, but a few times a week along with everything else that was keeping me busy.

This week’s goals:
1. Get in at least 5 days of workouts. Going to put this one up again, as I think it really helped keep me motivated and in check to accomplish it.
2. Pool time. I’ve got my swimsuit, now it’s time to get myself into the water! I found out the times for my local pool, so got to get down there this week and get in!
3. Use my foam roller/massage ball. I need to make this a part of my routine again, as they do help!
4. H2O, H2O! I’ve been doing pretty well with this, want to continue as the weather is beginning to get warmer. Need to stay well hydrated.

How about you? What are your goals this week? Fitness-wise and generally?


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