Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s after 9pm on Sunday night and the weekend is coming to a close. I’d love another day off, but Monday is leering around the corner and it’s not going to go away. Back to work tomorrow it is! This weekend has been a pretty good one though for me. Not overwhelming, but both relaxing and accomplishing.

This duck resides at Lake Ivanhoe. He or she is pretty cool, and will be your friend if you bring food.

On Saturday, I ran my longest distance ever. I posted on this, so I won’t get into too much about it. It was a great four hour run with my running group and I felt like a stronger runner for it. Then, I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home to pick up a few things as well as some coffee (they have Pumpkin Spice lattes that are vegan!). The rest of the day was spent mostly relaxing at home with ice, compression, my birds and some good food (Moe’s tofu bowls are a big favorite of mine these days).

This morning, I woke up at about 9am and got ready for church. The service was a good one, though the auditorium was freezing (well, it was for me anyway). I enjoy going to Grace Church Orlando which is in my neighborhood. After church, I went to get some much needed coffee at Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar. This was my second time getting coffee there and I’ve come to discover they make some darn good stuff. Target was up next and I got some needed items as well as a good deal on a fleece jacket ($10 is awesome, and it’s blue, a color I don’t have). I then went home for lunch and to get my birds cages cleaned. I also did a quick wash on my little car because boy did it need it. Before it got dark, I got on my bike for a nice ride in the neighborhood. It was a great evening for a ride. I saw a number of fellow riders as well as some runners on the roads. My legs were a bit sore from yesterday’s 17-mile run, but not too bad on the ride.

Bike rides are fun, my smile says it all.

Looking at the week ahead, I’ve got Thursday off of course for Thanksgiving, but I have to be back at work on Friday. Would be nice to have Friday off, but I don’t recall ever being off on the day after Thanksgiving. Most places that I’ve worked were open that day, so I would have to be in for work. I’m going to spend Thanksgiving with the parents, but not sure what the exact plans are just yet.

How was your weekend? Did you get in a long run/bike ride? Did you run a race?


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  1. Look forward to meeting you during Marathon Weekend at WDW. Just visited your FB page and left a comment there. Great job on your long run!

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