Vlogging Ideas

I’ve finally started to do some short videos lately on Instagram and Facebook. Hopefully, some of you have been able to catch them. Mostly, they are updates about training and such. That said, I want to start doing some vlogging on topics or subjects that YOU would like to see.

With this whole Covid-19 “stay at home” stuff going on, I realize motivation can be less than easy to find these days. I know I’ve had my ups and downs in that area. What’s interesting is that the days when I’ve run or been active in some way have really helped my mood. This has helped me get myself going on doing some videos, even though they are short and basic.

What topics would you be interested in hearing about? I can also do Facebook Lives for some discussions if there’s interest. We can talk about training, both physical and mentally, as they are both important. Or, we can chat about cross-training, weight loss, maintaining a fit lifestyle… whatever you would find interesting or fun.

If you want to talk about something else, feel free to mention that too. You can comment below or drop me a message if that works better for you. I’d love to get this started this weekend. Let’s have fun and motivate/inspire one another! 🙂

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