Verdict is: Plantar Fasciitis

If you read my post on Saturday, I was having heel pain issues. I spent the remainder of the weekend resting, icing, soaking and rolling. Today marked two days of no working out (that is hard for me, LOL). Called the sports doctor this morning and got an appointment to be seen after work.

They did x-rays, and the doctor examined me. The verdict is, early Plantar Fasciitis. He said, my home treatments (icing, epsom salt soaks, rolling, compression) helped it for sure. With the NYC Marathon in 12 days, he suggested a cortisone shot, and wearing a boot to bed.

The Girl's Got Sole - Plantar Fasciitis

Let me tell you, if you’ve never had a cortisone shot, they are NOT fun. It was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve been through. I’m sure it lasted only a minute or two, but it sure felt like forever. LOL! But, I was willing to do whatever I had to do to get better before the marathon. Sometimes, you’ve got to take a deep breath and deal with it.

I’m thankful that I should be able to run in 2-3 days again, I just need to take it easier this week. What’s nice is that he cleared me to do cross-training at the gym on the bike. So, I will be hitting the gym the next couple of days to get in some workouts. I may or may not run on Thursday, I am going to see how the next couple of days go, and let my body tell me the right thing to do. If I need to wait until Saturday to run, so be it.

So, while this isn’t the happiest news, I feel blessed that I am going to get better and be able to run on November 5th in NYC. God is good!

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