Vegan on the cheap

Now that I’m moving back out (again) from the parents’ house, I will have to be extremely frugal. I believe I spend the most money on pre-packaged foods like Amy’s meals and Tofurkey slices. Obviously, preparing my own foods most if not all of the time will result in an even healthier body and happier bank account. This will also maybe leave some funds for an extra race or two, or another running skirt (a girl can always hope anyway).

I’m doing a lot more research online about this because I don’t simply want cheaper foods/meals, but I want healthier and lower calorie ones. I’m still watching what I eat so I can maintain my weight. Some ideas I’m already big on are wraps and burritos. But, I can’t live on those day in and day out. Sure, salads are awesome as are soups when the weather isn’t too hot.

That all said, I wanted to pose the question to those of you out there who are vegan or vegetarian.
How have you adapted to a small budget for your food? Any tips or tricks you can share?

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