Vacation and a cold?

So, here it is Sunday, just hours away from my vacation beginning, and I’m getting a cold? I woke up this morning and my throat felt scratchy and things just seemed to continue down that path today. As I sit here at 9pm, all I can hope is that the airborne I picked up today as well as the echinacea and vitamin C I’ve been downing will help me beat this thing. Not only do I want to be sick during my vacation, but I definitely don’t want to feel like crap flying in a plane to New York on Tuesday morning.

Stopped by Mini Megacon this afternoon for a couple of hours to see some friends who were in Artist Alley. Jeez was the con hall freezing! By the time I headed out, I was anxious for a parka or some sort of jacket. Brrrr! It was great seeing everyone, wish I could have hung out longer, but packing for my trip had to be attended to since I work tomorrow. Brought my camera and planned on shooting some pictures, but didn’t end up shooting one shot! Ha.

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