The Girl's Got Sole - Unfinished

Have you ever heard a song and completely related to it? Like the song, the lyrics were pulled from your own life somehow? That’s how I felt when I heard Mandisa’s new song, Unfinished.

…No, my God’s not done
Making me a masterpiece
He’s still working on me

I’ve been in that place, feeling like I was lost… as if there was nothing left with my life that really mattered anymore. It’s a dark, dark place to be. Depression brings the darkness, covers you with doubt and fear.

So, when I learned that one of my favorite Christian artists, Mandisa had been through a depression of her own, it hit close to home because of my own experiences. Her song, Unfinished is the story of her battle and how her faith and trust in God brought her back into the light.

Even the strongest people, the ones we love and inspire us aren’t immune to the darkness of depression. It’s hold on you is tight, pulling you away from the life you know into one where you don’t recognize yourself. Your mind begins to believe things that aren’t true… that no one loves you, or at least that they would be better off of you were gone.

The Girl's Got Sole - Mandisa unfinished

Back in 2007, I lost someone close to me. One of my Aunts became very ill and eventually passed away. The experience of it all, seeing my loved one go from a healthy person to one extremely sick and then gone was very difficult for me. I entered a deep depression and came close to suicide. All I wanted was to go “home,” I wanted to be up in Heaven with Jesus.

I’m thankful that my mom got me the help I needed, because God was not (and still isn’t) done with me. It was a rough time for me, but I came out the other side a stronger person who has gone on to do amazing things with my life.

I urge everyone to listen to this song. Whether you have dealt with depression yourself, known a loved one with depression, or are someone who hasn’t had much experience with it… this song is so impactful that it needs a listen.

**If you are dealing with depression, or feel like hurting yourself PLEASE get help. Call 800-273-TALK and speak to someone at Mental Health America.**

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