Ultimate Coffee Date – September

I’m joining in the fun with Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner, and Coco of Running with Perseverance for The Ultimate Coffee Date. It’s a virtual date with your favorite beverage while we catch up on this and that. I’ve been wanting to join in the fun, and just never got to it. So, I’m excited to be a part of the Ultimate Coffee Date this month.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I’ve been doing well with my weight loss journey this week. Since my post last week about getting back on things more seriously, I’ve been doing a LOT better. I’ve stayed on my allotted calorie intake each day, and have avoided things I know will be troublesome. There have been more than a couple of tempting and tough moments in the last week for me. I’ve gotten through feeling as though I’m hungry for a snack, but instead I guzzled more water. It wasn’t easy, but I know it will get easier. Not that it’s ever *easy” to always avoid temptations, but I want to get back to that better mindset again.

Family is everything

If we were having coffee… I would tell you that I’m excited about this three-day weekend. I’ve been antsy for a long weekend, and am glad that one is finally here. I’ll start things off Saturday with a group run, then head over to see my parents later in the day. I’ll be staying over their place through Monday, so I’m looking forward to family time. My birds are coming with me, and they seem excited about seeing their bird friends at my parents. They all get along, just not in the same cage. 🙂

If we were having coffee… I would ask what your plans are for this Labor Day weekend. Are you spending time with family and friends? Having a BBQ or maybe going to the movies?

Relax this Labor Day

Thanks for joining me for The Ultimate Coffee Date! Be sure to check out the hosts of the event. Have a great weekend!

Confessions of a Mother Runner


Ultimate Coffee Date – September — 3 Comments

  1. Great job on your progress! I’ve been trying to drink more water too since I definitely have a tendency to eat instead of drink even when I know I’m actually thirsty vs. hungry.

    I’m so happy about this long weekend because I actually have the day off! :D!!! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. Enjoy your long weekend. It is not a 3 day weekend here in France, but we get enough of them, so I am not complaining.
    Weight loss is hard, but small changes add up. Tweaking unhealthy habits has really helped me.

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