Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2019

The Girl's Got Sole - Ultimate Coffee Date

It’s been awhile since I did a coffee date post! Like over half a year! Need to work on getting one done every month if I can. I really do love the Ultimate Coffee Date link up sponsored by Coco at Got2Run4Me and Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ultimate Coffee Date, it’s a virtual coffee date with friends! Just sit down, enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee or tea (or other beverage) and let’s catch-up on life.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… that I’ve been sick all week. I was not feeling great last weekend, but managed to get out for our group run and then workout on Sunday at the gym. I then felt kind of worse on Monday, and didn’t work out. I did do a New Year’s Run with my group on Tuesday morning, but that was it. Nothing since then. I’m up half the night coughing like crazy and I’m congested. I so so hate being sick like this. I’ve got the WDW Half Marathon next Saturday, so hoping this crud is gone this weekend.

The Girl's Got Sole - Hate being sick

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… this week has also been rough on me financially. After the run on Tuesday morning, my car wouldn’t start. I ended up having to buy a new battery for it. Between that and rent being due, it’s going to be super tight until next Friday’s payday.

The Girl's Got Sole - Dead car battery

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… I found a new chip I am in love with. I tried Vegan Rob’s Turmeric Chips, and I am craving them every day now. They are made with Algae protein, turmeric, quinoa, chia and have a pumpkin flavoring. These may become a challenge to stay away from at times. LOL!

The Girl's Got Sole - Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were having coffee, I would tell you… I have to work on my goals post this weekend. Since I got sick, I’ve been feeling like the year started off with two wheels in the air, and unbalanced. I am hopeful though, because a few days won’t derail my goals for myself or the year ahead.

What about you? What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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The Girl's Got Sole - Ultimate Coffee Date


Ultimate Coffee Date – January 2019 — 18 Comments

  1. Aww, I really hope you feel better soon! I’m sorry to hear about your car too. :[ I hope the rest of this month treats you better!

  2. ugh what a bummer that you have been sick!! I hope you are feeling good enough for your half marathon!

    Car issues are always a drag. I had some extra bills I had to pay at the end/beg of this month and we planned (and did) to go away for New Year’s so it’s going to be a low-key month for me for sure… (we get paid once a month…)

  3. I hope you’re feeling better for your race next weekend! At least you’re getting the cold over with now. I woke up feeling a little sniffly too. That, combined with my back injury, has me setting the bar pretty low for my race next weekend. UGH!

    Are those chips antiinflammatory? LOL

  4. It is no fun at all to start off the year sick! Hope you are on the way to recovery. Those chips look super yum! I will look out for them. Thanks for joining us for the coffee date-great to have you back

  5. Oh, I sure hope you feel better before your race! I was sick with a cold at the beginning of December and then my husband came down with it right around Christmas. Claritin-D worked for us, but we didn’t have a cough.

    I try not to try new chips because I am such a chip junkie. I don’t need to know how good they are. I have a particular weakness for multigrain chips but I know they’re not really healthier.

    Thanks for joining in for coffee – we’ve missed you. 😉

  6. I hope you feel better quickly. I feel like my crud is on its way out (thank goodness).

    When I discover a new to me chip or popcorn (I’m looking at you Skinny Pop), the only way I can stay out of it is to not have it in the house… If it’s in the house, it keeps calling my name until it’s gone! I would say that I should try those Tumeric Chips, but it’s best that I don’t. LOL

  7. Hope next week is a better week for you! Seems like every time there is something wrong with my car, it’s the battery! I know I’ve even replaced at least 2 (maybe three times already)!

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