Tuesday This and That

It’s been a bit rough since late Saturday. Apparently, the sinus woes are not gone. Talk about a disappointment, I really was hoping the 21 days of meds would kick it. Instead, my sinuses hate me and want to torture me.

I was glad to get the bike ride in on Sunday after dragging myself to do it. I wasn’t feeling any facial pain at that point, just fatigue. But, by the time I woke up yesterday morning, that had changed. Facial pain and feeling like a truck had run me over would be an accurate description of how I felt.

Thankfully, the ENT doctor called in new meds for me late yesterday. He wanted to see me this week, but with the 4th of July holiday, it’s very difficult to do with work. I started the new antibotic last night after dinner and about an hour later I felt so sick to my stomach. I was sure I was going to throw up (sorry for that mental image). I HATE getting sick like that so much that it scared me as much as how I felt. Somehow, through stomach cramps, I finally fell asleep. I woke up a few times with an awful taste in my mouth (another lovely side effect).

When my alarm went off at 4am for my group running session, I got up and evaluated how I felt. Nausea was seeming gone, so I got dressed to run (I am fully aware that I am crazy). I hate missing a run unless it’s really necessary. The run was fine, besides being a bit tired, no stomach issues.

Back home post run, I made breakfast and proceeded to get going for work. I took my antibotic after eating my oatmeal and by the time I was showered, dressed and out the door, nausea was making a reappearance. Joy.

Needless to say, said nausea has been hanging out with me on and off all day. I’m hoping and praying it calms so I can do the moon bike ride tonight with the Commute Orlando group. Also, I’m supposed to volunteer tomorrow morning at the Watermelon 5k race. I’m remaining optimistic. That’s the only way to go, positive thinking!

How is your Tuesday and week going thus far? Any plans for the 4th? Let me and others know in the comments.

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