Training Update and Site Changes

I ran my longest training run to date on Saturday. I was planning on doing 8 miles but ended up doing 9! It was a rough run, but good at the same time. I ran for the first time with the Hunter’s Creek Running Club here in South Orlando. I’m hoping this will be my new running group as it’s a lot closer than the others.

I love my new compression socks. Now, I want compression for my upper legs too!

I ran with three other runners on and off. Started out with two, then we picked up another fellow runner, then most of the way it was just myself and another gal. She was a great motivator in keeping me moving. I appreciated it even though I realized after the fact that I overexerted myself by pushing so hard. I ended up doing a pace of under 13:00 minute per mile which is awesome for me. I would love to hit that for my half marathon on March 4th, but I also don’t want to feel like I did yesterday post-run. I felt nauseated and very run down. But thankfully, taking the afternoon and evening to relax at home with compression socks on eased things in the end. I woke up today with some soreness in my thighs, but not as bad as I had it last week after my 6-miler. I think the endurance I lost from being out sick for 10 days is coming back.

This coming Saturday will be my last long run before the half, I plan on doing 10 miles and hopefully I can hit that a lot easier after the 9 mile run. Also, I’m hoping I’ll have my new Garmin watch to play with as I just finally ordered one! I debated for awhile on it, and even considered the new Soleus 1.0 gps watch, but Garmin just has some great things about it such as getting data transferred to your computer. And, it is very highly recommended by more than a couple of running friends.

I am working moving to a new design for the blog. I did a lot of searching around online Friday evening and yesterday and finally found a template I like and that I think will be great. Hopefully, I’ll have it going by next weekend, at least by this time then. It’s always both exciting and nerving changing things over on a website. I want to make sure everything works (links, images, etc.) as I know that can be frustrating for visitors when things are not working correctly. Any constructive feedback will of course be appreciated.

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