Tracking Your Fitness Goals With Apps

With so many apps out there for tracking workouts and eating, it really is easier these days to keep up with your fitness and health goals. People are more successful with their goals when they are able to put them down and follow them visually whether it’s on paper or digitally. For me, keeping a food log and fitness journal really did help me keep on track during my weight loss journey. To this day, I still track my fitness and food intake, but have given up the actual paper journal and do everything on line or via my android phone.

But, which apps are best? I think it really is simply a matter of preference and what you are seeking or wanting it to do. Some apps track both food intake and fitness, while others just one or the other. Here are a few apps that stand out for me.

MyFitnessPal. This is probably one of the most popular apps for weight management and tracking your workouts in one. You input your info and the app will calculate how many calories you can eat that day. All you have to do is enter your food as well as whatever workout(s) you have done and it does all the work for you. (Free app available on both Android and iPhone)

CardioTrainer. A free app that can track your runs, walks, cycling, hiking, and other fitness activities. It’s best for those outdoor workouts like running as it utilizes GPS, but can also be used indoors for treadmill or other gym workouts. You can set the app to send your activity automatically to facebook or twitter to share with your friends. (Available for Android)

RunKeeper. This is another GPS tracking app that is best used for running, walking and cycling. It’s most popular with runners. You do have to have an online account to use RunKeeper. Viewing your workouts online will give you a lot more detail on your activities such as graphs and maps. (Free app for Android and the iPhone)

Calorie Counter by FatSecret. Simple tool for finding and tracking your calories as well as the nutritional information of the foods you eat. There is also a barcode scanner which can make it easier to add items to your food diary. This app also allows you to record the calories that you’ve burned by working out. The app includes recipes and meal ideas as well. (Free for both Android and iPhone)

MapMyRide/MapMyRun. Another very popular app for fitness lovers. MapMyRide tracks your cycling adventures, while MapMyRun is for running, jogging and walking. Both apps give you a lot of information from your activity such as graphs, routes, distance, pacing and more. (Free app for Android and iPhone platforms)

There are so many other apps out there for fitness and weight management, so those are just a few of the plethora available. A lot are free and have the ability to upgrade to a premium version if you’d like more options. I’d suggest trying something free first and then going from there, as it will give you the opportunity to check out multiple apps to see what you like best.

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