To God All The Glory

To God All The Glory

I love Team USA. Not only are our athletes some of the most inspirational and amazingly talented men and women in the world, but they know who to thank. Hearing athlete after athlete giving God all the glory for where they are and how far they’ve come puts a big smile on my face.

The faith these athletes have is so awesome. Every time I’ve heard them giving thanks to God for their blessings, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling. They have done the work, put in the countless hours, blood, sweat and tears, but having a strong Christian faith means so much. It’s so refreshing to hear in a world filled with so much negativity these days.

Some quotes that stick out to me from our Team USA athletes…

Photo credit: Christian Examiner

Photo credit: Christian Examiner

God was completely sovereign throughout this entire journey. He knew how it was going to happen, when it was going to happen, and we know why it happens—to make me more like Christ.” —David Boudia (Diving)

I never expected to be a professional athlete; I had to really trust him and his plan for my life. We always have our own idea of how our life is going to go, but we really have to follow the Lord’s will. I had to trust him in regards to injuries and other life situations.” —Allyson Felix (Track & Field)

Usually, before I salute the judge I’m able to just grab the event and I pray on it and that really grounds me. For some reason, once I do that, I am able to think clearly and I’m able to calm down right before I compete.” —Laurie Hernandez (Gymnastics)

All glory to God. Isn’t he awesome! I am extremely blessed. A long, tough year, but may more good things to come.” —Simone Manuel (Swimming)

I feel like my faith is something that is so individual, it’s never measured against another human being. It’s where I don’t feel vulnerable. It’s where a lot of my self-worth and a lot of my understanding of what is important to me, what I want to achieve in life, comes from.” —Jenny Simpson (Track & Field)

God be all the glory

My faith in Christ is so important to me. I know it’s because of Him that I am able to run. It’s because of God’s blessings that I’ve been able to become a marathoner. With God, there is nothing that you can’t do. All things are possible!

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