This week…

This week has been a little crazy for me. Not only have I been feeling exhausted, but it’s been busy at work. OT is back at it and this is before the New Year slam we always get. I really do need the money, so I’m feeling good about the extra work. I just wish I wasn’t so dang tired all the time.

I skipped my run on Tuesday because I was so tired (a rarity for me to do that) and I haven’t been on my bike for about a week now. Sure, the half marathon on Saturday pulled a lot of out me (speaking of which, race report WILL be up by the weekend), but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Less for my toe blister, I felt pretty good the next day afterward.

So, thank you for your patience with me through a bit of a tough week. I hate missing out on my blogging as I love writing each post. I look forward to getting some rest in this weekend after my 20 mile training run (yes, you read that correctly) as I’m still training for my first marathon in February. I always feel blessed in life as even this exhaustion (irregardless of whether it has anything to do with my Hashimoto’s or not) is just a bump in the road. God has given me so much and continues to do so.

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