The Wrath of Irma

I would not survive in the wilderness. This fact has become abundantly clear since the wrath of Irma.

Having been without power since about 2am last Monday, my yearnings for cold air-conditioning, hot showers, and power to make my many devices work is high. Living in the perpetual sauna known as Florida only makes me crave such luxuries more.

The Girl's Got Sole - Irma power outages

(image credit: ABC Action News)

I am quick to admit that the above listings are luxuries because truly, that is what they are. There are people out there who don’t have any of those things. To be blessed with so much comfort on an otherwise daily basis is fortunate.

It wasn’t until Friday morning that we got power back at my place. After spending two sweaty nights without A/C and such, I ended up at my parents place after work on Wednesday evening. Went home after working at the office (which ended up being the remainder of the week), I packed a bag and my baby bird, Toby and headed to Kissimmee. He sang happily on the drive over after being in the car with air-conditioning again. Poor little guy.

Was definitely thankful when I got the text while at work Friday that had power again. It made things easier since I had a 23 mile run on Saturday morning. Plan otherwise was to spend the night at one of my runner friend’s houses. She was so sweet to offer to let me stay there since we had a 2am wake-up call for our 3am long run.

The Girl's Got Sole - Blessing in the storm

Because of the abnormal week, a lot of things got delayed or didn’t get done. Including any blog posts. But, I’m back on it as of today, and I’m so glad to get back to my usual routine. I also got to see how blessed I am, despite all of the ups and downs that may come.

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