The Weekly Pursuit #44

First off, Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the great men and women who have served our country. It’s because of their sacrifice that we have the freedoms that we do. God Bless you and your families.

The Girl's Got Sole - Memorial Day

This past weekend was definitely a nice one. Having a three-day weekend, not having to work is welcoming after how crazy life has been. It’s almost like a short stay-cation of sorts. That said, I’m presently living with my parents since last Sunday night. It’s a bit chaotic in that I’ve got stuff here and there, but overall, not too bad. I’m blessed to be able to have them to fall back on while I continue my search for a room to rent again.

On Saturday morning, I ran an 8-mile training run for the NYC Marathon with some of the girls. Started about 5:30am with my friend, Melissa for 2 miles, then we meet up with the other four ladies who joined us for 6 more miles. Was pleasantly surprised that it seemed a bit cooler out, even if it was just slightly so, it’s quite welcoming with all the oh-so-fun Florida humidity. I felt pretty good on the run, and we kept an average pace of just under 14:30 per mile. I was thinking we would have to slow down to 15MM or thereabouts, but I think the temps helped us not feel so bad. It was definitely better than last weekend’s run!

The Girl's Got Sole - Melissa & I after 8mi

After the run, I did a few errands on my way back home, then basically took the remainder of the day to relax around the house. My mom hasn’t been feeling so well since Friday, so I spent time with her watching Law & Order: SVU on the couch. Family time is always a great thing. Also spent time with my Toby bird as well as my parents two birds, and my mom’s guinea pig.

Sunday, I tried to sleep in, key there is, TRIED…alas, I kept waking up. I was able to get back to sleep for another hour or so at least. Got out of the house around 11am and headed for the gym for my bike workout. I did just over 11mi in 56 minutes and felt pretty good. I’m sure it helped that an episode of Law & Order was on TV. 🙂

More relaxing around the house once I got back home. I admit, I take the relaxation time whenever I can get it, especially with how exhausted my thyroid issues can make me at times. Besides, you’ve got to relax some of the weekend, right?

The Girl's Got Sole - The Weekly Pursuit

Looking at this week as far as my goals are concerned…

1. Daily food logging. Got a bit lax on it this past week.
2. Hydration, drink up!
3. Continue reading “Marathon Woman” book.
4. Listening to my body.
5. Adding in a daily Bible devotional.

The Girl's Got Sole - Came to give you life

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Any goals for the week?

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